We decided that the best time to do the 5K was in October as there are not a lot of running events scheduled - then we thought Halloween and Pumpkins - why not a Pumpkin Run and include a Costume Challenge!
Thanks Jason of M & J Enterprise for your DJ Service's ...
Jason is one  the hardest working volunteers in our community and supports a number of events that I'm a part of on the Island - If you need a DJ or your home decorated for the holidays, please visit his web page.
The start of a beautiful day.
Two years ago Glenwood Avenue principal Mr. Kenyon Kummings at the schools Community Day said to me... John I have an idea for an event on the boardwalk. How about a 5K run that would benefit not just our school, but all the K-8 schools in the Wildwoods. You seem to know a lot of people, think we can pull this off? Promoting Island Unity among our Island Schools sounded like a great project, but due to my responsibilities as the President of the United Way of Cape May County I said ... I'm in, though I'll have to put it on the back burner until my term is over.

This past September Kenyon said ... John, I see you are no longer the President of the United Way ... did you forget my idea about doing a 5K race on the boardwalk? I said well kind of... but what the heck, lets do it and I know the perfect guy to help - Stephen Del Monte of Delmo Sports ... So with the assistance of Mr. Kummings & Mr. Del Monte and in less than six weeks with the help of our four K-8 Schools, over 41 local business, the City of Wildwood and North Wildwood, and last but not least 112 Runners and 89 Walkers who supported the Inaugural 5K Wildwoods Boardwalk Pumpkin Run,. Together we were able to raise $1,200 for each of our K-8 schools on our Island.

Please know ... 100% of our proceeds will go back to the schools for their students ... Funds that will be spent on the students to better their learning experiences...
An event where our locals supported our future... Thank You