February 2009
Black History Month

My good friend Tony Robinson, retired Sgt. from the Wildwood's Police Department (28 years) Volunteer Firemen and member of the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management joined me as my special guest for Lunch with Lynch.
Mr. Robinson brought all kinds of neat things from his job at the Office of Emergency Management - like this yellow box that tells you if the air is ok and then handed small signs with symbols of dangerous chemicals that the kids need to understand what they mean.

The coolest thing Mr. Tony told the class was not that he was a policemen in Wildwood, or that he graduated from Marshall University after finishing high school and elementary - but that he went to the same school they are currently attending -
Glenwood Avenue, but many, many years ago....

He also said that he was proud to talk to them about Black History Month and stated that it does not matter what the color of your skin is ... that if you stay in school, work hard and try, try, try that you can become anything you want - a policemen, a teacher, a doctor or who knows even the President of the United States!

President Robinson.... has a ring to it????
Lunch With Lynch
ok... how about some lunch...