A Special Thanks to Miss Jill Roach of Rita's Water Ice who gave all the kids graduating the Glenwood Avenue Summer School a Sweet Last Day of School Treat!
The best part of the Lunch with Lynch Program is the impact it plays with the students of the school. In the past few years I have seen first hand the positive impact giving up my Lunch Break to be with these awesome students. A special thanks goes out to everyone in the community that has taken their Lunch Break with me and the students at Glenwood... as they have made a POSITIVE impact to the kids of our community.
I love it when I'm asked why do you do what you do at Glenwood Ave.
The next two photos sum it all up ...
The Kids
and the way they react when we come in once a month  and do something special for them... It's a great feeling to put smiles on little faces.