On December 15, 2010
the Wildwoods Vietnam Memorial Wall was blanketed with its first ever snowfall. Though it was just a small dusting along with a grey and dreary sky, the quietness of the afternoon gave way to a sense of peace and tranquility that I had never noticed before. I felt compelled to grab my camera and spend a few minutes at the memorial reading some names that are etched on its black grant wall. Including Wildwoods own - Michael P Callahan

The photos from that day are on the slide show below with
Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance
by Mr. Red Skelton

As a schoolboy, one of Red Skelton's teachers explained the words and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to his class. Skelton later wrote down,
and eventually recorded, his recollection of this lecture. His commentary was aired on CBS in January 1969 - and over 41 years later they still ring true!

God Bless America!

As I drove past the Wildwoods Vietnam Memorial Wall on that day
I thought to myself, the GOOD LORD ABOVE covered our Vietnam hero's with a white blanket of Angels

Arlieen Franco, Wildwood Crest Resident